August 5, 2004

Fair Weather Blogger

For those of you on my sidebar who are going through a tough time.

I am a sheltered pansy and nothing terrible has happened to me in my life. If I knew the words to say, I would say them. As it is, I rarely comment or send introductory emails to people on my blog list, so it's not like I have a solid relationship with any of you, and sending an email along the lines of "Hey, remember me? I heard that your dad died. I'm sorry; that must suck" doesn't really seem comfortable.

I promise I am sending positive karma your way, even if I don't know how to put it into words. At least until tomorrow, when it is my birthday, when I not only expect karma but material goods.

EDIT: That is the worst possible way to end this post. No wonder I haven't gotten laid in months.
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