November 18, 2004

I promise not to make a habit of this

When we moved into our room, we found a pair of women's soccer cleats waiting for us, hanging from our doorknob. What a lovely welcoming present. Apparently, these made their way around the building all summer, without an owner in site. This is where Ebay comes in handy.

Also, we seem to have acquired an extra sweater along the way.

In a related note, our refrigerator is empty.

Think of it this way:

1. If we make money using Ebay, we'll probably buy alcohol.
2. If we had alcohol, we'd probably do things we normally wouldn't do.
3. We normally don't get naked and post naked photos on the internet.

I'm just saying.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.