October 7, 2005

Too lazy to find the link

I went out to the bars with my roommate from last year. I'd forgotten how much I love him. In a totally fraternal, platonic sort of way, of course, like his love for me.

I'm not exactly sure how it happened (redbull and vodka will be the death of me), but I do remember his asking to be a member of my wedding party.

Which is of course, a really sweet thing to offer.

It's not like I was anywhere near about thinking about it, but in a slightly related note a slightly tipsy Dorothy Parker Boy talked with me online when we got back from the bars and let it slip that he thinks I "dig" him more than he "digs" me. Which is, in fact, probably true, and, in fact, a big surprize, since I thought he dug me to the approximate amount to which I dug him.


And a related booo in that the two of us are still going to the sleater kinney concert tonight.

Yay awkwardness!
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