November 22, 2005

Insert Tight End joke here.

One of the gay groups on-campus threw a dance this weekend. And I didn't go. I was busy.

I was watching the football game and drinking a beer. Damn straight.

(Painting by Michael Scott, found here)

Actually, I just went over there for a little bit of a pre-party before the dance. I was all gussied up and everything. But my friends all either got too tired, or got into the game, or got into one of the guys who were actually interested in the game. And I'm not one for going to things alone.

Even though I spent my Saturday night watching the game, I was probably the most fabulous person watching it. Surely that counts for something.

EDIT: The more I look at it, the more I realize that that painting isn't as worksafe as I thought. Sorry about any trouble that it may have caused.)
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