December 16, 2005

Sex and Drugs and RocknRoll!

In honor of yet ANOTHER weekend of Brokeback Mountain not playing within the tri-state area, I've uploaded a little MP3 to sate the need for gay cowboys. ( link, valid for one week.)

(NB--In regards to recent events, i.e. Willie Nelson's cover of this song, I've re-uploaded this song, so for the second/third week of February the link should be good.)

Cowboys are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other by Pansy Division (lyrics)

Also, today marks the first day of finals, so send good wishes (or Starbucks gift cards) my way. Also, posting might be a bit sporadic next week: these final papers aren't going to write themselves, you know. Massive amounts of caffeine would be greatly appreciated.

Now here it is... the moment you've all been waiting for....

My secret fetish.

Or should I say, fascination? Technically I haven't participated in this action, so I don't know for sure if it would turn me on. I just know that I'd like to try it, and while I wouldn't mind trying one or two of the other fetishes, I wouldn't eagerly seek them out, or seek out videos featuring them.

Balloons: Nope. The only rubber in the bedroom is the condom.

Spanking: While I do love the facial expressions during sex, especially at the moment of first penetration or the moment of orgasm, I don't think I'd really get into spanking or bondage play. I definitely wouldn't get into being spanked, but I do suppose that at some point, I could be talked into some light bondage if the other guy was really hurting for it (the pun was intended, unfortunately).

Feet: I'm more of a leg man, really. Though I am going to put a starred asterisk by this, since there is a young gentleman from who is a foot fetishist, and has offered me a footrub this weekend. No sex, just a footrub/light foot worship. And you know what? I think I'm tempted to let him. I'll get a foot massage, and he'll have something to jerk off to later. I think I'm okay with that. Details possibly next week.

Sleep: Ding Ding Ding! That's right, I think I could really get into sleep sex.

I trace it all back to a blog post I read, gosh, it must be close to 4 years ago. I believe it was at 2xy, but I'm too lazy to check the archives. Basically, J woke up from having the most amazing dream, only to find in the morning that his ass was sore, his cheeks smelled of lube, and a condom wrapper on the side of the bed. (J was happily coupled for a couple years at this point.)

Also, I vaguely remember a Mad About You episode that went something along these lines.

Ever since then, I'd always wondered if having sex while sleeping was feasible. Top/Bottom/blowjob, it doesn't really matter. Well, I suppose giving a blowjob could be difficult, but everyone gets hard while they sleep, so topping shouldn't be a problem, and when you sleep your muscles are relaxed, so bottoming should be as easy as Paris Hilton. I just wonder if I could be manipulated to orgasm without my knowledge. I wonder if I would recognize it subconsciously, giving me fantastic dreams, or if I'd wake up in the middle and be in a sort of sex daze, or if I'd wake up and be invigorated for the day, or what. I don't even think I've been woken up by a blowjob. Sure, I've had morning sex (who hasn't?) but I don't think I've ever first opened my eyes because my cock down someone's throat (though that sure would beat my alarm).

I'd never go about fooling around with someone else while they were asleep unless they specifically said they were into that sort of thing, and it's not like I'm trolling for guys willing to come into my room late at night for some somnasex. This is definitely a fetish to wait at least 6 months into the relationship to indulge in, or even mention.

Of course, I could have already had sex while I was asleep and not known about it, but I think going about and polling exboyfriends and exroommates could get awkward.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.