January 25, 2006

No One Likes It When I Get Political

As those of you who read Towleroad may well be aware, four students are being charged for a hate crime which occured last weekend in the UW dorms. They went to the GLBT liason's room, screamed obscenities and threats at him sporadically throughout the night, ripped down every GLBT event calendar and poster in the building, wrote "I fucking hate faggots" on his white board, and spit upon and defaced his picture in the 'get to know your RAs' bulletin board. As a result, the four men, two UW students and their two friends, are being charged with a total of 17 felonies, from drunk and disorderly conduct and hate crimes.

I'm not saying that there is a silver lining to all of this. Don't get me wrong, hate crimes are hate crimes, and this is actually the fourth such incident this year on the UW dorms (but the first time that anyone has been caught). Last semester was a lot worse, GLBT-wise, than all of last year, in my opinion, at least.

But one good thing coming out of all of this is the student newspaper's bending over backwards to write 'pro-diversity, anti-discrimination' editorials.

And there have been some doozies. Just god-awful things, things that make me embarassed to go to school here, or just amazed at how beautifully idiotic and hyperbolic they are. It's times like these that remind me why people make fun of student newspapers. A few selections from this week's editorial board.

Take, for example, this paragraph:
The attitude that "nothing will be done" is almost as common on our campus as the hatred and discrimination that causes to much pain to too many of our fellow students. Some examples: hazing that continues to occur but isn't ever reported; people referring to things or people as “gay” without thinking twice; and people labeling others as JAPS (Jewish American Princesses/Princes) without realizing that some people consider it anti-Semitic.

Or, take this beautifully hyperbolic, over-wrought gem: Wisconsin is black America’s worst nightmare.

Or take this article, which posits that the only reason that the event made the front cover of the newspaper is that we had just started a new semester and there wasn't much other news to report:
Ignore the radical feminist inching her way toward the provost’s office and you will discover that until Wednesday, the University of Wisconsin was in the midst of a terribly dry news cycle....Then again, it is always the slow news days that find some way to end with the biggest headlines. And Wednesday proved no exception.... And if that means converting a mole hill into a mountain or two, campus leaders — especially students — are perhaps all to eager to step up to the plate.

But this girl really takes the cake in trying to prove that the 'stereotyping' of coasties is the biggest problem facing the UW system: UW ‘Coasties’ suffer from discrimination. It is, quite possibly, the worst article I've ever read in my life. And its Hilarious!

I really, really hope that I'm not the only person into meta-bigotry oncampus, and this is all going to culminate in some grand joke in Friday's article. Otherwise, man, I'm embarassed.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.