March 13, 2006

I'm Hung Up

I'm in a pickle as what to do.

He left on Spring Break for Puerto Rico around 3 o'clock on Thursday; I got dressed and made my way back to my place around 10:30. We haven't talked since. With all of the tanning, alcohol, and cabana boys he hasn't found time to find a computer to chat or call the guy he had a great night with. I'm not really expecting anything anyway.

It's his 21st birthday. I'm debating whether to call him to wish him a happy birthday or not.

Now, it seems like a no-brainer: call him, wish him a happy birthday, keep it light and flirtacious, and put the ball in his court.


I have a habit of growing too attached too soon to guys I like, and scaring them off. And I don't want to do that this time with Guy.

I mean, basically, all we have've done is a one-night stand. Sure, we vaguely knew each other from before, and we had drinks and were flirting up a storm, and stayed up cuddling to Nina Simone. Sure, that bodes well, and I've got a good feeling about things. But who knows about him? My track record shows that I am lacking whatever innate sense tells you if the guy's got a good feeling about things too.

So I guess if I can calm my nerves enough for a witty, nonchalant, flirty phone call I'll do it. If not, I'll be a simple post on his facebook profile, or maybe an e-card featuring a halfnaked man or two.

And so I'm posting a song in an attempt to dance away the nerves: URHungUp, a Madonna/MIA mashup remix by Stereogum.

First showtunes, now a Madonna reference--what's this world coming to?
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