March 3, 2006

Who sleeps all night in a cake made of strawberry?

I haven't jerked off in a long time. I think it's been since last Saturday, but I can't be sure. I mean, I can't be sure, but it's definitely been a while, and I don't remember having a load off since then.

I hit all the old haunts yesterday, but more out of an obligation or feeling that I probably should whip it out and get it overwith. Unfortunately I got a phone call and made plans for $3 margaritas (which were pretty good) which unfortunately interrupted things.

Then, this morning, I woke up not hung over (yay!) but feeling... loaded. This is a good morning to take care of buisiness. They just feel heavy, a definite 'gravitas' to them.

I started trolling juicygoo when I feel a drop of something on my chest.

I hadn't cum yet. I didn't fling my cock to spray myself with precum. I looked down and saw blood.

And then another long viscous drop landed in my chest hair. And then another.

Nothing quite ruins the mood than realizing that you're bleeding profusely, and it never seems to cease. I started writing this after about ten minutes of plugging my nose with kleenex, and positioning my head in all sorts of awkward positions.

I suppose if I worked things out and kept at it I could give myself a Strawberry Shortcake, which probably wouldn't be so difficult a task given the 6 day load.

Alas, I'm not into that sort of thing, so I'm just stuck with a garbage can filled with kleenex stained with blood and mucus instead of kleenex with my boyjuice. Not a good start to the weekend.

In an odd coincidence, A Softer World has a somewhat similar comic posted today. Theirs is better.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.