May 19, 2009


Last night after dinner the boyfriend and I plopped ourselves down on the couch to watch a PBS documentary about the Kennedys and finish off the bottle of Cote du Rhone. Because we are products of our generation and therefore have the attention span of gnats, I was doing the New York Times crossword puzzle and he was on his laptop searching NPR online, looking for the name of the author that was interviewed on Fresh Air last week.

Apropos of nothing, I blurted out "How much do you think Rush Limbaugh hates us?"

We decided that he probably hates us a lot. In fact, we came up with only three possible ways he would hate us even more.

1. If his roommate had gotten an abortion that afternoon.
2. If one of us were wearing a Yes We Can tshirt.
3. If we had taken away his prescription pad.

I'm willing to bet that he hates you, too. But I'd also wager that nobody who reads this blog gives a hoot about Rush Limbaugh's feelings.

In fact, if I were a more industrious blogger, I would made some plastic bracelets, tshirts, coffee mugs, and assorted crappy merchandise and make a killing.

WWPORL? What Would Piss Off Rush Limbaugh?
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