June 29, 2009

Bonus MP3 Download in Post

I may hate my boyfriend's roommate for many reasons, but she does have her moments. She works for the local Red Cross, and occasionally brings home leftover swag. And so magically we got four free daypasses to a local water park.

(Her generosity is slightly dampened by the fact that she got the tickets a few weeks ago, and after checking out their website found out that since the weight limit for most rides was 400 lbs she would end up spending most of the day sitting on the sidelines watching people's towels, and only then offered the passes to us. But still: free is free.)

At first we were all excited to get out of town and cool off for a day, and only when we pulled into the parking lot did we realize why water parks are overrated.

1. Twenty minutes waiting in line for a waterslide that lasts about ninety seconds.

2. Roving bands of pushy unsupervised small children.

3. Taking off our shirts (mp3) in public.

Fortunately we live in one of the fatter states in the country, and so the boyfriend and I were in the top twenty percent of the cuter/in-shape/hairy-in-appropriate-places guys at the park.

It helps that there were a lot of grossly overweight kids with their overweight hairy-back fathers, which skewed things in our favor. But still, it's nice not to feel fat. And to cool off every once in a while.
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