June 15, 2009

Two Short Thoughts About Last Weekend

1. Last night, the boyfriend and I were up at 11:45 PM with a case of cabin fever, and we decided to hit the new 24-hour Wal-Mart that opened a few months ago. Neither of us had been there yet, since we're both good Wal-Mart hating liberals, but there's not a whole lot to do that late on a Sunday, and he needed kitty litter.

We decided to turn it into a game, and bet on how many young children (under the age of 5 or so) would be up way past their bedtime running around Wal-Mart with their (bad) parents. Initials guessed 4, and I guessed 10.

We counted 12 kids at Wal-Mart at midnight. Despite the joy of winning the bet, it was still depressing.
2. All weekend I've been fascinated by the attempted Iranian coup d'├ętat, and how all this new-fangled technology has revolutionized the way I get information.

IRAN: A Nation Of Bloggers from ayrakus on Vimeo.

I'm impressed by all of the grassroots activism by students, young people, and bloggers as they fight for their freedoms, and I feel slightly ashamed because if I were in their position, I would want to go out and fight but I would probably be too chickenshit. I hope I wouldn't be, and I hope I never have to find out, but my track record for political activism could (and should) be better.

As a side note, all of the coverage and updates has given me a newfound respect for twitter, and I am this close to considering starting one for myself.
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