February 12, 2010

Five Thoughts For A Friday

1. Even though I hate it when skinny white guys try to be sassy black women, I'm totally digging Janelle Monae's new single, available for streaming here. I've told the boyfriend to 'put some voodoo on it' at least twice in the last twenty-four hours.

2. More tastefully done black-and-white male nude photography, this time by Edward Weston and Horst P Horst. Remember, this counts as cultural, not pornographic.

3. Even though I enjoy classy black and white photos of naked men, Homoshame is my new favorite website.

4. I've had this song stuck in my head all week.

I know.

5. I know I don't pay enough attention to world politics, but this picture of Ahmadinejad makes me laugh. I wish I had better photoshop skills to create a gallery with Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and other evil dictators wearing 3-D glasses.

(via Tale of Two Cities/Jockohomo)
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