July 16, 2004

Blogger is le suck.

I throw the word 'abhor' too freely on this blog, so let me simply state that I despise, sneer at, eschew, antipathize, detest, disapprove, execrate, scorn, loathe, resent, objurgate, spit upon, and all in all just plain old hate the new layout for posting at blogger.  I left xanga because they redesigned their posting templates into something half as ugly and schizophrenic as this. 
Anyone want to tell me how I can go back to the other layout?  Otherwise, does anyone want to buy me Moveable Type as an early birthday present? 


(Sorry for posting about blogging.  I know they get real old.  I'l try and post something better later on.  I'm sure that this new format will grow on me, if I give it a chance.  The thing is, I'd rather not.  It's really awkward to use, and it's belittling--if you don't know the tag to make something bold, you shouldn't be allowed online. I lodged an offiical complaint with blogger, but this new layout just grates me.  If I'm stuck with this, I probably won't post as often, just because it's so aggrevating to use.)

Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.