July 22, 2004

Let your erections subside.

My friend K was recently in town and took a few pictures. She asked me to write a post about the time we hung out together, but that was just a blatant ploy to get hits. Instead, here are my own captions for the vacation photos she posted.

Liz's shoes spawned a million fetishes.

This is Erin playing on the computer. You can't tell this, but Erin isn't a person. She's a giant ball of yaoi sugar.

This is a picture of Liz wearing the shoes that spawned a million fetishes. Please keep your hands on your keyboards where I can see them.

Stupid picture of people taking pictures of people taking pictures. If you take a screen shot of it, and then print it out, and then post in on your wall, and then take a picture with it in the background, then you're really going overboard.

This picture of me stretches nicely, in case you need a new desktop photo. I'm just saying.

We made bead characters. We didn't use any pink or purple beads, and so when we were finished making the video game characters, we made their gay doppelgangers.

What you can't see in this picture is that the girl on the right is wearing a (faux) bling bling necklace that covers half her chest. Fake jewels down to her tank top.

K likes jailbait booty.

I wasn't there when they made this cake for Elizabeth, who returned from Japan yesterday. Trust me. The decorations are missing something: a gay boy.

This is a picture of Liz, formerly of the hot shoes, being stealthy and hiding. Ninja!

When it came down to packing, Elizabeth decided that she didn't need to pack any of her clothes. Instead, she packed her suitcase with sweet yaoi love.

PS-I'm still taking questions, with answers probably on Friday.
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