December 16, 2004

Even though it's Thursday, it's still Humpday.

It has recently come to my attention that I don't near talk enough about sex. Or rather, when I do, it's whining about how I never get any. And that gets old, fast.

Which, of course, poses a quandary: how am I supposed to join the big leagues of the gay blogosphere without talking constantly about sex or posting half-naked pictures of male models and/or myself? (Not that there's anything wrong about that.)

I mean, I do fine when it comes to stats. Really, I do. But fine isn't enough. You've got to keep on reaching for the gold. I must fight and claw my way onto the top of the blogs.

While I'm not going to post any NSFW pictures of myself anytime soon, I will give a little insight into what trips my trigger, chokes my cherry, yanks my yahoo, and kicks up my notch. You get the idea.

(This is the part where if your boss is reading this over your shoulder, you should probably exit your browser, or if you know me in real life to tactfully cease reading.)

Which brings me to a new site that I found, via Queerclick. I fucking love this.

Reluctant Young Men

It's a website selling fetish videos, but I don't know if I'd call them fetish videos. They're amateur videos, featuring gay and straight young guys in tickle torture, teasing, milking and cum control.

The faces that the guys make on that site are fucking hot.

(Would it be presumptuous of me to mention that Christmas is coming up?)

I fucking love watching faces during sex. It's probably my favorite aspect of porn. I'll often fast-forward to the end, or only download the last 15 second clip, where it shows cumshots. I don't think the cumshots are that great; I mean, truth be told, I'm a shooter, and I usually make more of a mess than the guys on the screen. I'm all about the facial expressions. I can't describe it. It's like they've lost control and give themselves in to the pleasure.

Even when I was having sex, if memory serves me correctly, my favorite positions were the ones that involved looking at the other guy's face for most of it. Sure, I enjoy kissing during sex as much as the next guy, but it's the facial expressions that do me in. Literally.

Speaking of back in the day, when I was having sex, once I was milked for like, 45 minutes and it was the best orgasm of my life. I was even commended about my facial expressions after that bout. God I fucking loved that, and it's just not something you can do yourself. Well, you can, but it's not the same.

Along these same lines, I put a new masthead into rotation a few days ago. Refresh the page until you see the portrait of the guy against a red background about to cum. It's by David Romero, from a series entitled "Portraits Made at the Moments of Orgasm."

It's hot.
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