December 9, 2004

So addictive

Now, my city isn't large enough to have a Craigslist, which is probably a good thing. I spend enough time trolling around that site just for the sheer voyeuristic awesomeness of it without worrying that I'll be called out for scratching myself on the way to class or staring too much at that hot guy in my AmLit class.

To make up for our lack of craiglist, one of the school newspapers runs a "shoutout" column every Wednesday. It's pretty much the same thing as craigslist, only better. Like grouphug, there's no way to identify or contact the poster, which means they are more risque and voyeristic. They are marvellously addictive.

There are hundreds of shoutouts submitted every week, but only thirty or so are printed in the actual newspaper. The rest can be found online. This week, I submitted two shoutouts that made it into the paper. I am so awesome.

My roommate is awesome. He bags more bitches in a month than I have in my entire life. I wish that he would tutor me, except that would probably get pretty damn awkward, since I like the cock and he doesn't.

Just because you're hooking up with my suitemate doesn't mean you can steal our milk. Two gallons in three days? Get your damn legs out of the air and go to the stupid store, you fat cow.

God, I love shit like this.

Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.