May 24, 2005

Elephant (maybe a spoiler but not really)

I rented "Elephant" last night, Gus Van Sant's award-winning film that follows high school students throughout their day, which ends in a Columbine-like massacre.

I was enjoying this movie, really getting into the stop-and-start narrative and the camera tricks, the forced tension, and all the other things that helped this movie win the Palme d'Or a few years ago.


The two students, who turn out to be killers, are hanging out the morning of the massacre. One gets into the shower, and everything is yummy and fine. Then, the second killer comes into the screen and starts getting undressed. He opens the shower door and steps in, delivering this immortal line:

"I guess today's the day we're going to die. I've never even kissed anyone. Have you?" And then the two guys make out in the shower.

What. The. Hell. Totally ruined the movie for me. After that, it all turned into a bad, TROMA-like movie.

Sure, it was kind of hot, but totally unnecessary.

::EDIT:: I can't believe that I just said that two naked boys making out was unnecessary. You can tell how out of it I've been lately.
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