June 14, 2005

A Jackson Post, But Not Really

Yeah yeah yeah, there was that whole "verdict" thing. I'm sure you're all sick of it by now. I know I am.

Honestly? I don't really know whether he was guilty or not. Sure, it sounded bad, but then again, the media has been completely and utterly biased when it came to the trial. They villified Jackson with the same fever pitch as they praise Dubya. I didn't follow the trial closely, by any means, but I did hear that Michael's bedroom was twice the size of my house, which probably means that sleepovers aren't quite the same as I remember them being, 5 boys in sleeping bags sardined on the floor.

I happened to be watching the news as Michael Jackson rode to hear the verdict. I watched as CNN showed the whole gang, Tito, LaToya, Janet, et all, walk through the metal detectors and enter the courtroom. I had put a tv dinner in the microwave at the time, and, I shit you not, the microwave started beeping when the guards waved the handheld metal detectors over Janet's boob.

Yeah, I was excited.
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