July 8, 2005

Summer dreams ripped at the seams.

So, you ridiculous raw youth you, your summer sure has sucked, what with your father having massive surgery, your cunt of a boyfriend cheating on you then blaming you for his indiscretions, and having to live at home for the summer, when all of your friends are gone.

Why yes, yes it has sucked. And, to top it off, the large, dehumanizing company which I work just doubled their staff to prepare for the school year starting, when a large chunk of their low-level employees go back to work. Starting next week, I go from working 35 hours a week to 11.

Also, I'm on dialup internet, with no air conditioning, and I don't even have my own room, just a mattress in the office.

Oh and have I mentioned that my mom is starting the menopause and my bipolar sister is having problems with her medicine?

Yeah, life sucks.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.