September 9, 2005

English 171 Lament

There is something intrinsically beautiful about having no classes on Fridays. Additionally, there is something wonderful about never having class before 11.

However, again, I am the only boy in one of my discussion sections. And again, it is a discussion section about lesbians.

Well, it shouldn't be completely about lesbians, but it is. English 171: Literature, Gender and Sexuality. In addition to Brokeback Mountain and a book about a drag queen, the other five books we have to read in the class are either about horny lesbians, horny girls in third world countries, or horny lesbians in third world countries. I was not pleased when I saw the syllabus.

I would drop the class except there are a lot of really hot guys in the lecture. The only problem is finding out when all those hot guys have their discussion section.

I hope it's not on Friays, or before 11.

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