January 17, 2006

All to the tune of a hickory stick

School Days, school days, good old fashioned rule days. Some reading, lots of writing, and fingers crossed, a minimal amount of arithmetic. Back in the dorm, classes start in T minus whenever I wake up and post this. I'm not exactly sure what my schedule is this semester. I'm still working on trying to get into the gayest classes possbible.

But now that classes have ostensibly started, life can resume its normalcy. All my New Year's resolutions are starting up in earnest today. I'm planning a salad for lunch, and am hoping to spend some time just futzing about downtown, making sure that I won't spend every day just watching tv in my room.

And, of course, jerking off.

I don't really have my own room at home. My sisters moved into my room, and so I stay in the computer room, which has a bed sort of in the corner. That computer, it should be mentioned, is dialup, so any hopes of hitting queerclick or tominparis are shot into a kleenex and thrown in the garbage.

Of course, it wasn't all so bad. I barely even noticed.

No, honestly.

I was lying in bed one night, right after the new year, about to fall asleep, when I realized, "Wow. It's been a while. I suppose I should get on that." And get on that I did, more out of obligation than a spontaneous outburst of primal urges. It wasn't even that great of a load, really. It must have been a week or so building, but in the end it wasn't bigger than an average load. Thicker, yes, like filling a turkey baster with ranch dressing, but sizewise, nothing amazing.

But of course, I come back to my dorm Sunday afternoon. My sister drives me back, we go out for lunch and do a bit of shopping, I unpack and hit the websites I've been missing: the aforementioned queerclick, the bad boys, the way big, webpages that would have taken days to load on my dialup.

I found this picture on my
computer. I'm sure I meant to upload it
earlier, but forgot or something.

I whipped out a load, and then unpacked some, and then whipped out another load, and then watched some tv, and then whipped out another. I probably would have whipped out another one except my roommate came back. Then he went out for a cigarette and I whipped out another load, just a quick "wham-bam, thank you forearm."

It wasn't even that I was blue-balling down to my knees, walking bow-legged. It just, I don't know, seemed like the thing to do.

Damn that high speed internet (though that's a topic for another day).

I dunno. I think the internet is a bad influence on me. The porn was there, my penis was nearby, my roommate wasn't around, it was just a convergence of opportunity and boredom, and well, it beats watching a rerun of Next.

So, the school year is starting. Time to start eating salads, doing more situps, getting out more, and getting off more.
Here lies a most ridiculous raw youth, indulging himself in the literary graces that he once vowed to eschew. Now he just rocks out.