March 7, 2010


For those of you interested, my wisdom teeth removal was an uneventful success, and the most painful part has been the severe limitation of my alcohol consumption while I'm on medication (even though the medication is not making me nearly as loopy or excitable as I was led to believe). I'm a little lethargic, as if I were fighting a cold, but that's about it. So disappointing.

At least I'm barely puffy and still fairly cute.

I haven't decided whether I will be live-blogging tonight's Oscars. It depends on how I'm feeling later this afternoon and if I get any comments encouraging me. I had fun in previous years, but I don't know how popular the feature ends up being, and if I can't have alcohol the awards show might not be nearly as enjoyable and my quips might not be nearly as funny.

To end this post on an unrelated note, this picture of the Count beating up that Twilight dude makes my day.

(Pic found at Boing Boing via a deviantART account with a silly name)
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