September 16, 2004


Everyone's favorite election-ruining megalomaniac, Nader, came to speak on campus a few days ago, and, being semi-politically aware students in search for free food (or at the very least a totebag), the roommate and I made our way to the Union.

I still have no idea what Nader is for or against. He didn't really speak about his ideas, but rather spent an hour just critizing Bush and Kerry. If volunteers hadn't passed out brochures, I wouldn't even have been able to name Nader's running mate.

Speaking of passing, they passed a basket for donations, which was bad enough, until the chief of staff came and pretending to be a Baptist preacher, flailing his arms about and hollering for money.

"Don't worry kids. A thousand dollars isn't all that much--you can put it on a credit card and then it's like you won't even have to pay for it!"

And speaking of passing out, it was probably a bad idea to have the three guys introducing Nader wear tshirts, shorts, and sandals. One guy went barefoot. All three had obviously glazed eyes and spoke a bit slower than usual, with various amounts of "um..." "yeah" and "like". Another guy had problems walking to the podium, and clung a little tightly to the sides. It was kind of amusing, except that they were trying to convince us to elect the leader of the free world. The dorks.

And speaking of dorks, apparently Nader's people haven't been too nice to the Green Party lately, working hard to keep the Green Party off of state ballots by causing problems with signatures. It was pretty amusing when someone yelled at Nader during the Q&A, and watching Nader talk his way out of it like a great politician.

Don't worry--Nader may be a fine speaker, but he sure didn't say much of substance. I'll be seeing Feingold and (Cate) Edwards tomorrow afternoon, and, barring giant robots scrambling my brains, I'll be voting for them.
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