September 18, 2004

Dance! Too much booty in my pants!

Last night, the roommate (Matt, of the HRC sticker fame), one of the suitemates (Andy) and I went to the big gay dance on campus. I didn't want to go alone, and since Matt is confident of his sexuality he came along because he's a nice guy like that, and Andy just tagged along to feel included.

I was kind of miffed when we got there, as Matt was cruised before I was. Unacceptable. Even if the guy was pretty ugly. At first glance I thought Matt was being hit on by a lesbian, which shows how ugly the guy was.

But I soon grew out of it, as this cute-as-a-button little freshman was ostentatiously fawning over me. He had a whole bunch of girls in a semi-circle around him, poking at him and prodding for him to talk to me. It was adorable and did wonders for my self-esteem. I started dancing with him, even though he wasn't very good at it. We talked, or at least did our best imitation above the bad dance remixes.

My roommates ended up leaving after an hour or so, since there weren't as many straight girls there as we would have thought (though by the time the night ended, they were swarming all over). They left me alone with the little freshman (he was 5'8", and I'm close to 6'2"), and slowly but surely the gaggle of girls we were dancing with slipped off to the bathroom or to get a drink, leaving us to dance alone. I had a lot of fun, except that after a while he saw his friends walking out the door, and then he quickly said something about how he forgot the key to his dorm and so he had to leave with them. He did have a lot of fun dancing with me (of course) but he left so fast he didn't have time to ask me for my number. Bastard.

Since I don't know any gay people on campus, and the dancing was very much in groups, I kind of wandered around for a bit, trying my best not to look completely out of place. I danced with a few guys who were a few notches below me on the attractiveness scale, mostly because I'm a nice guy and I was failing at fitting in. (They asked, and even though they probably wouldn't have turned my head otherwise, it was nice to be sought out--if anything, it was pity for wallflower me.)

Eventually I found a few girls with whom I went to camp about five years ago and clung to them for dear life.

I totally saw some guy give another guy a handjob on the dancefloor, and there were quite a few guys making out. Lots of shirtless grinding, which was kind of hot. No ecstasy, as far as I could tell, but there were a few communal joints passed around the room, which was risky due to the 6 cops at the dance. Of course, being a college event there was more than the fair share of drunks, but not many who were completely out of it. Probably no more drunks than at a gay dance not sponsored by the school.

So that was my night. No phone numbers, no swapped spit, nothing. Kind of weak, even though I guess on the whole I had fun.
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