October 25, 2004

She's dating Lou Reed!

So there's a Laurie Anderson performance I'd like to go see on Friday. Unfortunately, this weekend is Halloween, otherwise known as riot-time, which means no one really wants to do anything that doesn't involve imbibing gross amounts of cheap beer and destroying public works.

"Hey guys, does anyone want to wait a few hours before getting drunk on Friday and go to see a 57 year old woman's performance art/travelogue/epic poem about post 9/11 American culture? Don't worry, we'll only have to walk through 8 blocks during prime rioting afterward. Oh, and it only costs $10."

You can imagine how difficult it is trying to find someone to go with me.

Surprisingly enough, when I mentioned my situation to the cute boy in need of an acronym, he responded with "Well, I'm going to be at home visiting my girlfriend this weekend. Otherwise, I'd totally go out with you."

Even though he didn't mean it like that, it still made my weekend.
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