November 14, 2005

A Special "Where Are They Now?" Post

A special recap of the boys I've gone out with on a couple dates, or maybe more, so far this semester.

Billy, the 18-year old who wasn't sure what he wanted, is back together with his boyfriend. His 26 year old, on and off, boyfriend of 2 years. They are thinking about moving to Texas together after the spring semester. I find this hilarious.

German Major, with whom I was supposed to go to Jarhead this weekend, did not return my IMs or my phone call. I'm considering him out of the picture. Which I'm ok with.

I saw Dorothy Parker Boy down on State Street yesterday chatting and flirting with the hottest boy I've ever seen in real life. Tan, lean, dark hair, slight 5 o'clock shadow, brilliant smile. I am so fucking envious.

Shirtless, molestable roommate is still hanging around, but is tending to be more clothed. I blame his girlfriend, who moved a block away from our house and is therefore spending more time over here.

After feeling really awkward with my other roommate and his fat ugly girlfriend the other night, I relented and hung out with DPB's friend, and again I did things I rather wish I hadn't. Even though he said that he and his boyfriend deliberately kept things up in the air as to the 'open relationship,' and even though he's probably the worst kisser I've ever encountered, and even though it was still really awkward and not much fun, I still went through with it. I'm not going to hang out with him anytime soon.

And last but not least, we come to Heart, the emotionally abusive exboyfriend. According to the online Public Records for the State, Heart's mother recently put out a temporary restraining order against her own son, for domestic abuse.

Yeah, I'm not surprised. Well, maybe I am. I mean, even Stalin's mother never got a restraining order against her son.

I mean, goddamn!
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